I support the innocence of "floppy-haired, baby-faced man-boy"

Clutch Lyfe Tho

So I says to them, I says the evidence doesn't match up.

Please message me politely for information, links, photos etc.

I map searched the relation of the gym to the the marathon street; Boylston. By taking exit ramps it is about 4.9 miles away but if they took a street it would only be approximately 3.2 miles. This being said, it is an enourmous possiblilty the time stamp on this gym video is 3 days off, it could be because they wanted the illusion that it really was 3 days or his timing on the camera is off. Either way, them wearing the exact same clothing could entail these 2 walked to the gym and walked by the marathon on their way home. Couple questions are who is this friend? Why wasn’t he with them? Where do these 2 reside for further knowledge of maybe why they visited the marathon. This is a holiday and celebrated event to going to just see is not an uncommon assumption. This is not the neatest visual but it explains a point.

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    While a good theory the bombs went off at 2:49 pm and they arrive at the gym at 2:42. However, if the timestamps has...
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    but when did Tamerlan shaved?
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    It’s called a washing machine
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