I support the innocence of "floppy-haired, baby-faced man-boy"

Clutch Lyfe Tho

So I says to them, I says the evidence doesn't match up.

Please message me politely for information, links, photos etc.

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Heda Umarova: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know | HEAVY



"5. She’s Been Linked to a Jihadi Leader in Chechnya Through social media, she is linked to the Kavkaz Center, a group that is headed by Doku Umarov, a jihadi leader in Chechnya. The Umarov family are not related to the radicalized leader"

Um, yea, a bit of a stretch there.

Posted: 1 month ago

Anonymous: Sounds more like he spoke up for himself and they got pissed.


thats what I’m getting after the first read thru

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Feds: Alleged Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev allegedly made ill-advised statement during visit with sister - Boston.com


During a prison visit with his sister, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the accused Boston Marathon bomber, made a statement that was “to his detriment” that was overheard by an FBI agent, federal prosecutors said today in a court filing.

The filing said that Tsarnaev, despite the presence of an FBI agent who was legally allowed in the room, along with an employee of the federal public defender’s office, “was unable to temper his remarks and made a statement to his detriment which was overheard by the agent.”

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Friday, February 28th

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freedzhokhartsarnaev: Hi, I'm not new here but I just recently started to follow some more jahar blogs (you being one of them) and I've been having the worst of luck because some of them haven't followed back. It would make me so happy if you followed me:) I would really love it if you could reply to this message privately, thanks.

I followed you on my main blog, my Jahar one is connected sorta.

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